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My top 10 favourite albums of 2013. This year has been a good year and there probably a few glaring omissions from this list but these are the records that have been on constant rotation.

10. Norma Jean- WrongDoers

This album is a beast, Norma Jean proving once again why they are one of the best heavy bands of the moment.

9. The Story So Far- What You Don’t See

This band gets a lot of crap but when you write such catchy tunes its not hard to just concentrate on the music.

8.Daylight- Jar

Only started listening to these guys this year and this record is great, nice and grungy.

7. Citizen- Youth

Another solid record, a more mature sound from their earlier stuff.

6.Listener- Time is a Machine

These guys are constantly pushing themselves musically and this record is completely different to their previous stuff but that’s what makes me love it so much.

5.The Front Bottoms- Talon of the Hawk

If any band can put a smile on your face its definitely these guys, great song writing, great lyrics, just one hell of a fun record :)

4. Touche Amore- Is Survived By

This album took a while to get into but once it clicked, it clicked. Touche Amore are stepping up their game and have delivered another killer record and anyone in doubt needs to hear the songs live because there is still as much passion and raw energy in these songs as the old ones.

3. Modern Life is War- Fever Hunting

I admit it, I had never listended to these guys before but as soon as I heard a couple of tracks off this album I was hooked. I have listened to this record walking along foggy beaches and walking the streets of Vancouver at night and it rocks!

2. Old Gray- An Autobiography

This band takes the crown of best musical discovery of 2013, this record is just filled with pure, raw, unadulterated emotion.

1. Balance and Composure- The Things We Think We’re Missing

As soon as I heard this record I knew it was going to be my favourite of the year. They really pushed the boat out on this record, every track is killer, the production is so clean and even the music videos are great. These guys are fast becoming one of my favourite bands of all time.

The Things We Think We’re Missing- Balance and Composure. Blue/500 #hasslerecords #balanceandcomposure #record #vinyl

The Things We Think We’re Missing- Balance and Composure. Blue/500 #hasslerecords #balanceandcomposure #record #vinyl

This isn’t even half of my records

This isn’t even half of my records

So many awesome, awesome memories.

So many awesome, awesome memories.

I wonder if my brother will lend me his hoodie for America.

I wonder if my brother will lend me his hoodie for America.

Balance and Composure- Seperation

White /500

One of my favourite records of 2011. 

Balance and Composure-Only Boundaries

Third pressing, pink.

Balance and Composure-Only Boundaries

Third pressing, pink.

My face. Well sort of!

My face. Well sort of!

I picked this up the other day at the Title Fight, Balance and Composure and Transit show. It’s my Christmas crew neck!

I picked this up the other day at the Title Fight, Balance and Composure and Transit show. It’s my Christmas crew neck!

So here are my top ten albums and EPs of 2011 not really in any particular order.

1. The Lack Long After- Pianos Become The Teeth

I pre-ordered this from Topshelf Records and the wait was worth it, from the first listen I was hooked. Its so emotionally draining listening to it but in a good way and the last track ‘I’ll Get By’ is so heartfelt it gets me every time.

2. Parting The Sea Between Brightness and Me- Touche Amore

20 minutes of pure awesome. The lyrics are something I really connect with on the record it’s like Jeremy has seen into my soul and is singing about all the things I’m thinking about that I could never put into words! (How emo is that!?)

3. Free- Twin Atlantic

This record was on repeat for a couple of weeks, its got some really good catchy songs and its gloriously Scottish! Now that Biffy have gone all safe Twin Atlantic are my new favourite Scottish band.

4. Empty Days and Sleepness Nights- Defeater

 Another record that got a serious amount of plays this year, in fact its the most played album of the year according to Last fm which comes as no surprise. So very, very good. Its so well thought out with the story behind it and the 4 acoustic tracks are the cherry on top. This is melodic hardcore and its best.

5. Separation- Balance and Composure

This was a recommendation from the guy who runs the record store in Birmingham and I’m so glad he did. It reminds me a lot of bands I love but still sounds original. Its sounds huge and I just love his voice.

6. Major/Minor- Thrice

As much as I liked Beggars it was slightly too mellow this on the other hand it a nod back to the heavier Thrice days and its amazing. There isn’t a bad song on the album I’m just gutted that this is most likely the last Thrice record there will ever be.

7. Bon Iver - Bon Iver

One of my most highly anticipated releases of 2011 and I wasn’t disappointed. Its a beautiful album and I even like Beth/Rest now!

8. Part and Parcel EP- Make Do And Mend

Great EP and the Touche Amore cover is brilliant.

9. Wildlife- La Dispute

Another highly anticpated release and again no disapointment here! La Dispute have such an original sound and Jordan’s vocal delivery is so intense. I still need to spend more time listening to this record which is a good sign.

10. Dead Ends- Heights

Its the simplicity of this record that made me fall in love with it. Its dark, heavy and bloody great.

 Notable mentions go to

Polar Bear Club- Clash, Battle, Guilt, Pride

Fucked Up- David Comes to Life

Between The Buried and Me- The Parallax: Hypersleep Dialogues

City and Colour- Little Hell

Thomas Giles- Pulse

Thursday- No Devolucion

Title Fight- Shed